Quality getting worse.. Probably no more chanel :(

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  1. IMG_4073.JPG IMG_4064.JPG IMG_4063.JPG the classic M/L I just got last month, the flap sewed look not aligned. I didnt want to be so fussy about that at first, Then after a few wear I notice the peel off at that area.. if open the flap I can even see the tear at the peel off area. :sad:
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  2. Oh no! This is awful! Especially since Caviar is meant to be so sturdy. I was sitting in the fence about moving on to Hermes and Now I think I should.

    The rivets in my Gold HW Black Jumbo Tarnished. It's not even been a year since I got it
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  3. IMG_4097.JPG Here another closer photo of the tear..
  4. I know right.. My classic jumbo also got tear on the top corner, from the stitching I think. But I just didn't wanna bother too much about it cos I thought I would want to enjoy the bag.. and now again and again ..
  5. If you just purchased last month then definitely take it back and get chanel to repair it! the bag is still under warranty. Do it now before it gets worse.
  6. Do you know how many for the warranty? I don't have any chanel boutique near me :sad: I need to either send it back to France or perhaps drop by the Boutique when I go to Vietnam end of this month.
  7. Chanel will repair it if the item purchased is within a year.
  8. This is especially discouraging because the Cavier is supposed to be derable!
  9. I think something to do with the line of caviar this yr. I returned a blue chevron caviar mini for the same peeling reasons. Not sure how they would repair the peel, let us know how it goes.
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  10. That is not very encouraging to buy a Chanel. I am looking to buy a Caviar in Monte Carlo this summer.
  11. I completely agree. Chanel is the only brand that I love most of the designs, but after my recent purchase (a Prefall small red boy), though I love the bag, I think i'm gonna stay away from the chanel store for a few years now, since the quality is not up to par, I meant not even match up to dior, or even Gucci. I still love Chanel, but this relationship needs a break.
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  12. oh no .. so sad to hear..
    this is so discouraging since I just got my first chanel =(
    Hope Chanel will fix it since it's under warranty
  13. Do you guys think this also relates to boy bags? I'm eyeing a boy bag but not if the entire line of Chanel caviar will be affected! Maybe I should only get calfskin in Le boy.... how does calfskin hold up? Thanks
  14. PS, sorry about your bag!! This is totally j acceptable and you need to get a refund or exchange for sure!
  15. After reading this, my medium flap is the same! :sad: I bought like three weeks ago.