Quality furniture, not too expensive?

  1. I'm in a permanent living situation for the first time since highschool, and I've decided that now that I'm put for a year or so, I'd like to get some nice, more grown up bedroom furniture.
    I'm steering clear of Ikea, but I'm not totally opposed to checking out Craigslist. Can any of you suggest any stores I should check out for well made, but not insanely expensive furniture. To give you an idea of my price range, I probably want to spend about $400-650 on a bed, not including mattress.
    I like clean lines, but not ultra-modern (hard to pull off the super modern look in a wall to wall carpeting apartment).
  2. Very nice....do you know if they ship stuff? There isn't a store in Northern CA
  3. I'm not sure if they ship stuff. I am going up to Seattle with DH for the weekend so I can give them a call for you if you would like.

    I hope they do! Their furniture is wonderful! All of our furniture at our house in Seattle is from Dania. We have never had a problem with their furniture and service.
  4. From the site:

    Sorry, purchases can not be made online or through our catalog. Our online catalog is designed to introduce you to our home and office furnishings. We invite you to visit your nearest store to make your selections.

    Sounds like...no shipping. I've been looking at http://www.bedroom-furniture-direct.com/
    They have some nice stuff. Anyone ever ordered from them?
  5. I have a lot of stuff from Room & Board.

    Also, my bf & I were working on furnishing our first apt together and we found some nice stuff at Crate & Barrel too. Actually, when we were picking out our main couch I consulted our friend who works in furniture and said we were deciding between a C&B and a Dania one, and she said Dania has lots of complaints about their upholstrey. That being said... we (either me, my bf or my family) have also gotten some great other furniture piece from Dania ove the years. Some of their stuff is really only a step up from Ikea, but I'd still rather spend my money there than Ikea! And other pieces are nicer.

    I think you can get some great deals on Craigslist... its just you have to be ready to jump on them when you see them. Things on there go fast!
  6. room & board is SO NOT affordable. they're like DWR. good god.

    want some quality but inexpensive, try West Elm, CB2, or Brocade Home. They're the cheaper versions of their bigger siblings (Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and Restoration Hardware, all respectively). West Elm should have a store in NorCal, CB2 & BH don't have stores, but they do ship. the idea for all 3 brands (that started with West Elm first, then BH then CB2) was from former head designer of West Elm (now the head designer for BH) when she said, "Where do people go after they've graduated from Ikea? They can't jump right into Ethan Allen or Pottery Barn, it's just too expensive and too much of a commitment. That's where West Elm comes in." WE is pretty modern, as is CB2. Brocade Home is actually modern with a feminine twist.. very girly and pretty. check all of them out. i admit even though i work for restoration hardware, i shop at the others quite frequently!


    good luck and have fun!

    oh and ps: you can totally pull off super modern with wall to wall carpeting. you just have to have the right decorative accessories/lamps/vibe. :biggrin:
  7. I like Scandinavian Designs. The store that I go to is the one along Stevens Creek in Cupertino. N. CA right?
  8. Thanks for posting West Elm! Their stuff looks great, and they have a store about an hour away so I can actually go see stuff in person. Their room views also gave me some good decorating ideas.
    I've got some catalogs on the way :biggrin:
  9. I have a lot of west elm items, and I LOVE them. The quality is great. After Hurrican Katrina I had to replace basically all my furniture, linens, and such. West Elm was very affordable! I bought a few large pottery barn pieces that were a little pricey, but worth it. I figured my bed should be an investment. West Elm also has good sales as they change their catalog with every season. Things a couple of seasons old can be bought at really good prices.

    Here is my WE living room as I like to call it!



    Pillows, rug, bookshelf, curtains, and wall stuff came from west elm.
  10. Check out antique stores too. I got some amazing 1940s pieces, (not offically antiques) at great prices. Great quality of wood and construction vs. some new pieces. You can find a suprising variety of design, if you want a comtempory look.
  11. west elm. pier one and also macys.
  12. I love that West Elm site! Thanks for posting. Such cute stuff!
  13. It actually depends what you're looking for. Actually, one of my most recent purchases I"m looking at the cost at Crate & Barrel and it was only $100 more for me to buy at Room & Board and to have it be made out of real wood instead of a look a like. So it just depends. Its always good to look around. And for the entertainment unit we're looking at, it is comprable to the other stores we've looked at for similar quality.

    Anyway, west elm was a great suggestion. They have some cute stuff! I totally forgot about that store.

    Also, I don't know what are ayou're in, but by me it is fairly easy to find a furniture outlet... a lot of the big stores have them and some of them have an outlet and they just don't tell you that it is their furniture. Another good thing to look into.
  14. When I last furnished a place, I decided on the look that I wanted at DWR. I did get many nice pieces from DWR. But to keep the budget under control, I got a whole lot of things from Bo Concept. I love that place. Bo Concept is sort of in between DWR (high) and West Elm (low) in terms of pricing.