quality digital sports watch? Ive had no luck!

  1. Does anyone have a good quality digital sports watch that is at lest semi-cute looking?

    I bought this awesome-looking Adidas "Candy" watch, a $60 value, for more than half off at an outlet store:


    I've had it for maybe 3-4 months, worn it for normal running and workouts, and the buttons, display, and timing capabilities have all either had major issues or stopped working.

    Does anyone have a great sports watch that has lasted them at least a year or two with no problems?
  2. I used to wear Baby-G by Casio...they would last me about 2 years and I would beat the snot out of them. They have a whole bunch of different colors and models too. I love them!
  3. I have the Polar F11 which measures my heart rate & keep tracks of my workouts. I really like it as I can then download my workouts to my computer. It is also quite durable
  4. I also like the Polar watches.
  5. I use the older version of the Adidas watch you posted & it's still working today for me(2 ro 3 yrs old). The straps are more translucent for the older version so they have yellowed badly but it still works & I wear it only for my runs so I am still not going to ditch it yet.

    Polar & Timex are pretty popular so maybe you can try them out?