? Quality Control on Denim Cabas ?

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  1. I have worn my denim cabas about 4 times and on the end of one strap, it has come undone! :wtf: It appears to be easily fixable, but for a bag over $1000, I expect better quality. Disappointed - pfers beware!
  2. Oh no!

    Yeah, I would absolutely expect better quality for a 1k bag! Do hope you get it fixed!
  3. Oh no!!! Not good.
  4. I just checked mine, it is in good shape. I am sorry for yours.

    But mine came without black care booklet!! :crybaby:
  5. My specially hired seamstress (my mom :smile: ) is at this minute, reinforcing the ends of all the straps! Fortunately, since it is denim, this is doable. Everyone should double check theirs!
  6. My friend's Mom just returned her denim because her strap broke too!
  7. Yikes. What's wrong with the quality control?
  8. i am getting really disillusioned by Chanel......if we can't even trust sturdy denim, how can we rely on leather which is in certain ways less hardy especially being attached to h/w???? geeeez :graucho:

    now i am afraid to buy Expandable 'cause stitching looks vulnerable and like it may pull out...............:wtf: