Quality and sizing of J Crew cashmere??

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I was planning on buying a couple of the J Crew cashmere tees when I go to New York next month (I live in Germany). But I just saw that they aren't available in the stores, only online or in the catalogue. So I'll have to order without trying them on first.
    How is the quality of the J Crew cashmere?
    How is the sizing? Does it run small?
    TIA :flowers:,
  2. it depends. i have a couple of jcrew pieces and they are TTS but i recently just purchased another cashmere piece and i had to go down a size. the SA told me they ran small.

    overall in my experience they run TTS

    unfortunately i have no experience with the tees. maybe you could call their 800 number & ask...???
  3. The sizing for me is TTS but I find some of their pieces to be thin.
  4. j crew for me is usually tts or a tad big.
  5. I find that they are pretty TTS and good quality for the price, which is pretty reasonable.
  6. I love JCrew and have lots of their cashmere but none of the tees ... I usually have to go down a size (small instead of medium) ... I DID see one of those tees at the store tho in a size Large and it looked HUGE if that helps you at all, I don't know why it was there since it did say catalog/online only maybe a return?