qualify for waitlist and climbing your way up the waitlist


Feb 7, 2007
how many hermes accessories does one have to buy to get on the VIP list and build relationship with sa? an accessory per month so after a year you qualify to be judged a"VIP" by your sa? so you can get on the waitlist for the birkin? is that the ratio or is it more or less?
Feb 18, 2008
There is no magic formula Radhika. Each location and situation is different. I hear of people doing what you suggest and it has gotten them nowhere. Perhaps if you approach your SA and simply ask them if they have the bag you are looking for? Sometimes they will have things in the back. If not, then it's the perfect opening to ask about ordering. They will surely tell you how they operate at that juncture. It's not a mystery, but yes, sometimes it can be stupidly frustrating. Wishing you the best of luck!


Oct 9, 2007
North Cackalackie
I just placed an order at my local Hermes store (90 miles away) and there was no problem. I just have to wait until June, when the manager places all of the store's orders and then my order will be on it's way to a craftsman - or craftswoman. But when it will get back to me is anyone's guess. Just more time to save I say! My SA said there are a certain number of orders that each store is allowed to place and if that number hasn't been reached yet, the you should be able to place an order. I have bought a few things at that store, including a Birkin that just happened to be there the first time I walked in. It's a relatively new store - less than 2 years old - and my SA told me they are still getting things that they ordered for the opening of the store. So, I could have a couple of years waiting ahead of me. Or not! I've heard of some TPF'rs that placed orders and 6 months later got their bag. It just all depends on how the "H Fairy" is feeling that day I guess! LOL!