Quai D'Orsay Shoes from Forzieri, what ya think?

  1. [​IMG]Leopard Printed Platform T-strap Sandal Shoes $209

    Provencal Printed Satin and Leather d'Orsay Sandal Shoes $219

    Emerald Green Silk & Nappa Leather Cutout Pump Shoes $ 249
    I think they are so cute and colorful would be great for summer, :love:but I had never try them before so I am not sure if they are comfortable or not , what you guys think?!
  2. I like the second pair best. :smile: cute!
  3. Ooh I love them all, but I'd have to say the first are my favorite. Sexy Sexy!
  4. I love the second pair too! :heart:
  5. I :heart: the second pair. They are gorgeous.
  6. i love the 1st & 2nd pair. the 3rd pair isnt really my style but maybe you can pull it off :smile:.
  7. 2nd pair!
  8. a little too wild 4 me.............
  9. The second pair is spectacular!
  10. I prefer the second pair. they would go with more.