Qstn on Balenciaga in Hong Kong; Prices?

  1. Hey hey ladies. Happy new year!:yahoo:
    I've a question, can anyone help me, esp PFers in HK.
    Will be gg to HK in end of Mar/early Apr this year. Where's the best place to take a look or purchase bbags? I know Joyce in TST and also the boutique in TST, paris & milan station carries bbags. Anywhere else? Which has the best selection?
    How much are the bags in HKD? Particularly the day, twiggy and their small leather goods?
    I also heard tt HK might impose a GST/tariff in 2007 (there's used to be none!!!). Is it true?
    Am staying there for around 4-5nights...so wanna make good use of this trip...eekkekekeke...HK is a shopper's paradise :jammin: !!

    Thanks much!!
  2. yeah let me know too!!! i am going to hongkong in july! whooo hooo!!!
  3. I was in HK a couple of months ago and bought a bbag at the balenciaga store in central. It's right next to the entertainment building. As for prices, i paid about $1275 USD ($9950 Hkd) and no tax for my BI city. Hope this helps!
  4. dreamgrlv:There's a BI City there? Wowowow!!! Any 'Day' styles? Congrats on your purchase...any pics to oogle at ekekekeke...
    HKD9950 is ard SGD1970...still cheaper than here....
    Thanks for the info!!!
  5. What building is Balenciaga store in Central located? IFC or Landmark?

  6. listrikmu--just hit central, you'll bbags and more there, i LOVE landmark:-P
    beware though, DON'T buy anything from all the "XX Station" stores around Causeway Bay(not sure if there're those over in kowloon, i didn't go over there when i was in Hong Kong last, which is a while ago) by times square. they sell alot of High End Fakes!!! they even have a store on eBay that sells high quality fakes at retail or above retail price! i've complainted to eBay a few times but they just wouldn't take them off the site. oh well, i'm doing off track here...but HAVE FUN!

  7. Those XX stations, are your referring to Milan/Paris or France Station? Is it true they sell fakes? coz am going to HK myself very soon.

    Was it let-trade that selss fakes in ebay?

    so Still recommended to buy from real stores not from 2nd hand resellers/
    Please help...thanks
  8. Yes, I was referring to the those XX stations that were popping out all over the place last I was there. I checked out some of their stocks--their prices were almost as much as retails form the boutiques, if not even or more! I'll PM you the rest of the story.

    All I know is that the seller's 'store name' is XX station, but their seller ID is under a different name.
  9. thanks !! The seller's store name is really called "XX"? Sounds like porno
  10. Just got back from HK a few days ago. The selection at Joyce is quite limited, maybe a lot were sold over the holiday season. But they have some men's big bags on sale!
  11. LMAO, noooo, XX stands for their name which I don't want to state clearly(but it's not hard to guess....all european countries or cities' names)

  12. Hi...I am going to have to very nicely disagree:shame: :shrugs: !!!! I live in HK, and shop at these stores frequently, and have NEVER encountered a fake. Their prices on B-bags to seem very close to retail, though...as they are in high demand. Also, they never have too many of these bags. The better discounts are to be had on bags that they consider not as "trendy" or in demand. If you check out my collection...about 75% of my bags have been purchased at Milan Station, and a few at Paris Station...and there is not a fake in the bunch!!! Did you have a bad experience or come across a fake bag in one of these stores??? I am only asking because they are well known for selling authentic!!! :smile:
  13. Hmmmm...yeah...abt these Paris/Milan St... those who have been there say tt the bags are authentic...
  14. thanks maguses!
  15. thanks all for the feedback...this is interesting.