Q's Trasporto!! :)

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  1. I got my trasporto this week from Pulse. Casey is great with print placement!! TFL!!:yahoo: Denaro is from lesportsac.com

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. :drool::drool::drool:Soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!
    I :heart: that kid w/the star in the rocketship. I never noticed it before. So adorable!! Congrats!!
  3. Thanks!! OMG, my friend elo kit a got a denaro with that kid w/ star in the rocketship!! Sooo cute!
  4. They are b-e-autiful! Hope they stay dry this week!!!!!
  5. OMG! LOVE your Zucca and Denaro! Congrats!!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. elo kit a, tell me about it!! With that tropical storm hitting us, my toki's aren't going outside!!
    LVixen, thanks!!
  7. Cute zucca and denaro!! Congrats on your new tokis, I love them :heart::heart:!! I just got my trasporto gioco today to. I love it when there's new tokis waiting for me when I get home =)
  8. Love them!!!! All the characters are adorable on this print! I just wish the background color wasn't grey?!
  9. yay congrats!! is this your first Pulse purchase? you'll be hooked on the free shipping & excellent placement :smile:
  10. Love your Zucca and Denaro!! I got my trasporto zucca last week and I think it my favorite print. I just love everything about it!
  11. Yes! It was my first order with them!! I can't wait for vacanze with them!!

  12. Ok since the storm missed us....I'm using Trasporto tmrw. BTW I'm on the phone right now trying to order L'amore! This the last one till Vacanze! I promise!
  13. On the phone!! !!! Good luck!
  14. that's so adorable! with all these postings of people and their trasportos, i'm beginning to want one myself! xD lol
  15. so lucky to get a nice placement on denaro when u actually ordered online. thats amazing!! congrats!!