Qs on an old Coach bag

  1. I just bought this old Coach purse from a coworker for $100. I have no idea what season or year this bag came from. Does anyone know? Also, do you think $100 was worth it? I still like it very much even though it's old and kinda worn out! and lastly, anyone know the name of this bag?

    Thanks guys :p

  2. Are you sure it's real?

    The alighment looks off to me... But maybe I'm just tired... LOL

    Also, if you look inside of the creed stamp (or post a picture) there will by the styyle number and that is helpful also to find out what style it is.
  3. kinda wondered the same thing... the pockets reminded me of mia though.
  4. u shoudl post in authneticate this. good luck!
  5. Sorry...it's fake

    the alignment of the CC's gives it away
  6. I was right, I'm getting better!

    So to answer your question than--- $100 was TOO much. You could probably buy a real one on eBay for that much or a bit more...
  7. I thought it was a fake right away also :sad:

    I'm so sorry you got taken for a ride by your friend! I would definitely tell her you want your money back :sad:.. you could get a nice bag at the outlet for $100!
  8. i have this purse. that i purchased from macy's in april 2006 and this one is not real. the pattern of the c's is way wrong. im not sure the name of it but i think it was the spring 2006 collection. tell your co-worker that you want your money back and buy a real one on eBay. i love this bag. its so structured. i usually carry it all summer. hope this helps. good luck.
  9. I am getting good at spotting them too now, thanks to tpf!
    What a tough spot to be put in with your co-worker. Maybe she did not know herself though? (hopefully)
  10. Sorry, It is a fake and I would demand your money back. For future reference when you look at a sgnature bag, the pattern should be uniform and "cut off" in the same places all around the bag. For example if there is a leather or suede trim or detail, the "c's" should always be the same between the detail, around the turnlock and where the bag ends on one panel, if you look at it it should all line up. Even with authentic coach bagss these are things to look for when finding a perfect signature bag. Good luck
  11. Yeah that bag is definately fake. Try to get your money back. And next time when you buy a bag from a person take it to your local Coach store to get it authenticated before actually buying it.
  12. Sorry... To chime in, it's fake. :sad: Definitely ask for your money back as it's fake. If the CW asks why, explain the pattern. Also, is the fabric on the inside the CC pattern? Coach never does signature fabric on the inside and outside.
  13. Fake.
  14. the serial number says "NO 6234", kinda weird for a number?

    and at the mini pocket inside has a leather patch on it that says, "This is a Coach bag. It was handcrafted in China from the Finest Materials trimmed....etc."