Q's about Juicy bag & Paloma Picasso bag

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  1. Hi all!
    I received a gorgeous Juicy Couture bag for Christmas, I have a Juicy wristlet & the classic Paloma Picasso shiny black bag with the gold "X" on it. How can I find the names of the bags, what season & year they are from, etc.

    I would also love to find out how much the Paloma Picasso bag is worth.

    I also would love tips on conditioning & tips on keeping my bags clean & nice. Any further tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank soooo much in advance! Pics below.



  2. I have the wallet from that Juicy collection (except mine has silver hardware, but its the same style with the tassels) and although I don't know the name of it, I got my wallet about a year ago from Nordstrom Rack. So, its probably about 1.5 years ago that they released that line.
  3. Paloma handbags are not a big ticket item. It is pretty and some collectors out there may pay for it because it is patent leather. You can look on Ebay to see what the bags are going for...
  4. Ooh, I just saw basically the same exact Paloma bag but it regular black leather, I like it SO much better then the patent!