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  1. No, don't worry, nothing bad happened to me. :wlae:

    However, related to a topic regarding MyPoupette, I think we should all take into consideration the power of tPF in making our next purchase online (i.e. eBay) .

    Basically, you don't have to pay to authenticate a bag or item; all you have to do is: QRAP



    A SAFE BUY =)

    Once you QRAP, you'll never go back. :yes: And if you don't do QRAP, then you're screwed. Basically, you have to do at least some QRAP, so you don't get any back from the seller :roflmfao:

    Best of all, everything above is as legit and completely free :P

    I love this FORUM !!!! :heart::yahoo::heart:
  2. I see you reading my topic, but no one's replied to it :crybaby:

    No one agrees here with my view on this ? :idea:
  3. Lol! I agree with you, Pouf! (IOW, ITA! :yes: lol!) I have to say my lovely PFers are incredibly knowledgeable. I've learned soooo much since I've joined tPF. I was fooled once and I wish I had known about tPF before.
  4. ITA also!!
    But what's IOW?
    Now I'M the one who's lost lol.
  5. Ooops, sorry. I get so used to using these nerdy abbreviations. :P IOW=In Other Words. :flowers:
  6. Haha it's ok!
    Well that was an easy one..how did I not know that? Lol..
    I think a lot of our posts will become totally abbreviated in the future:lol:
  7. Oooooooooooh I love your idea!!!
    It's a great one!!!

    QRAP all the way!!!
    I always do this when hunting a bag down and now we know what to call it!!!
  8. :yes: Great idea ! Qrap !!!
  9. I absolutely agree!
  10. Great idea!!!:yes:
    So eBayers, to prevent buying CRAP take a QRAP!!!:P
  11. I completely agree. I've actually never bought a designer bag from eBay, but maybe one day I will and will definitely follow the QRAP guidelines!
  12. LOL..like the sounds of it .
  13. Ipm considering getting something from eBay for the firts time, but I´m looking forward to timelesslv items cause they all are auth. I didn´t knew you had to pay to have your items authenticated ha.
  14. haha...good one!
  15. hahaha i love your idea! :yes: it's very catchy
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