QR Codes on the tag inside Gucci bags?


Mar 25, 2016
I just noticed that my daily bamboo bag has a QR code in the tag inside the bag. I tried to scan with a QR reader app but it wouldn't recognize the code.

Has anyone else noticed the QR code or know anything about it? Can they be scanned?

It would be awesome if they can be scanned and it's a way to determine authenticity.

I couldn't find much information on this QR code on the internet. The only thing i found was this authenticity guide on eBay which states:

"New Gucci handbags feature a code tag on the interior. The tag itself features a QR type code. Older styles and vintage handbags will not feature this tag."


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Mar 15, 2017
I'm interested to know this too. Didn't try scanning mine with my phone, although I assume it's something that can be scanned at a Gucci store - hope someone can clarify as like you said it would be a great way to determine authenticity.
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