QOTD: Were you a multipocket or a quilted lover first?

  1. I was a Stella/MP/Blake/Venetia addict first (2003-2007)and now I crave the quilted(2007-present!!!!
    How about you?
  2. Stella and Small MP baby here!
  3. I was a small MP lover first. I still love them and I'm always thinking about getting new colors.
  4. The small Mp is such a great bag - I really love the Thistle color it comes in. It's perfect for the spring. I'm also in love with Tuffcookies Light Grey color.
    They come in so many beautiful colors!!! Love the denim too...
  5. Thistle is a great color. I didn't think I'd use it a lot, but I use that more than my other MPs. I've been looking for a MP in denim. :tender:
  6. MP is what turned me on to MJ. Now I love them all. :love:
  7. I love my stella and my multi pocket not a big fan of the quilted look.
  8. the venetia was what made me fall in love with mj. i love the quilted bags too. the stam is my prettiest bag.
  9. I fell in love with the MP first then not long after that I fell in love with the quilted look.
    Now I own a Quilted MP and I LOVE it!!:love:
  10. im pretty new to MJ, at first i was just interested in the stam since it was such an "it" bag. but now that ive seen all the other MJ bags out there, i prefer soft calfs, and i really want an MP (but im broke). but the stam will always be my first MJ love :love:
  11. Love both....I am a big Stella fan. I also love Venetias....wish I had more of those. A lot of the other soft calf bags are nice, they are just too small for me. I still love them, though. I would love a Christy.

    I also LOVE the quilted. The Stam is one of my all time favorites. There are some really nice new styles in the quilted that look promising.

    I think my answer is both! I can't choose a favorite.
  12. I'd have to say the small MP is my all time favorite, but I've gravitated a lot to quilted MJs lately. I'm still happy to add soft calf favorites in beautiful colors to my collection now and then.
  13. It was quilting at first, but I love em all!!!!!!
  14. I forgot to add that I would LOVE to own a Venetia someday!:love:
  15. It was the classics first now I love the quilting!