Qns abt Groom keychain

  1. I'm looking to get the one in red but is it easily stained because of the vachetta in the front??

  2. What key chain are your talking about? The groom key cles, or the vachetta one with the imprinting?
  3. Hey charleston-mom, the one with vachetta imprinted. TIA!
  4. Hmmm... if you take good care of it, then you should have no problem.

    I used mine as an actual keychain and it got dirty fast. :sad:
  5. I have a red one, no problem with it!!
  6. OT... Still can't believe your cute doggy is not that young... :love: He so cute.
  7. you have such a cute doggy!

    i think you should use it as a bag charm...because keys would get them dirty...
  8. Haha~it might be off the topic, How old is your dog, he is soo cute!!! my doggy (in my profile photo) is 1.5 yrs old,according to a chart that i saw at the Vet office, he is almost 20 in human years!! haha:p~ YOUNG man!!!
  9. ^^^ Heh, thanks Pinki, but he's not too well these days... :sad:

    bb10blue: He's 16yrs old this year and well, he's not feeling too good these days... :sad: The vet says his heart isn't doing too well and he's not as spritely as he was the last few years...

    bvbirdygirl: thanks for the compliment! He'll be happy to hear that. :smile: Hee, the idea of a bag charm isn't too bad either!

    I gotta call LV to see if they have any left in the store!
  10. My mom uses hers as a keyring but I'm talking her into using it as a bag charm instead, like I do with mine lol. It'll keep it cleaner.

    And I'm with everyone else..your dog is so cute..that picture of him reminds me of the way mine used to sleep on my bed.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that. :sad:
    I hope it's not because "old age" is starting to catch up with him. :sad:
    I've always really liked Jimmy - he's such a cute dog and looks so sweet-natured! Your pictures of him are some of my favourite animal pictures on this forum!
    I hope Jimmy gets well and feels better. :smile:

    As for the keychain, I'd recommend that you use it as a bag charm.

    There will be a likelihood of stains (and quite possibly scratches as well) over time, if used as a key holder.