Qn on the cles pochette

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  1. i've been quite attracted :love: to the cles pochette recently... like the vernis framboise or the MC... does it come in epi?

    for those who have it, how useful is it? does it fit credit cards in there as well for times when i can't carry a fat wallet ard? :rolleyes:

    it seems awfully expensive for a tiny little item :huh: .... but it's so cute!! :love:

    anyone has any thoughts on this? thanks!
  2. I don't actually have one, but I do know it comes in epi and it does hold credit cards as far as I know.
  3. it comes in almost every line. and it may seem expensive for a small item, but do keep in mind that epi is actual leather, whereas monogram and damier are canvas.

    they are a bit thinner and can't hold as many cards as the regular and damier ones though, so i'd guess about 4 cards max.
  4. I Love The Cles...It's Such A Fabulous Item!
  5. I had four but sold 3 of them already. It's okay, I rarely carry around a purse anymore so it's just in the way for me. I don't like how it hangs when I'm driving since when I did use it, it was attached to my keys. The MC, CB, & the Suhali are both bigger than the other sizes and can hold folded money, a few coins, and about 4 cards. It does come in Epi and it doesn't cost that much more than the monogram/damier.
  6. Yup, the pochette cles comes in epi too. I used to have 6, but now I'm down to 3 (fuchsia vernis, bronze vernis, and brown pink CB). The pochette cles fits about 5 cards, I use mine to put credit/atm cards that I use often and driver's license. Makes it a whole lot easier if I dont have to reach to my wallet everytime I need them.

    What color in epi are you planning to get? They are quite pricey lil thing, but worth it imo, coz they are functional. You can also attach some keys on the hardware, but I never use that. I have the 4 key cles for my car keys.
  7. i have a vernis in framboise on order.... they are pretty useful...
  8. i have the vernis framboise and I use it more than I thought I would. Its a great size and has held up great for the amount of use it has gotten.
  9. I have over 10 of them. Great for use and for collecting! :biggrin:
  10. I have the mono canvas one and it is my LV item that I always use...very handy item to have in your collection:yes: BUT if I had a choice in purchasing another one I would get the damier koala coin purse .. that is just sooo cute:heart:
  11. I have MC cles:heart: and use it as a key chain. It has taken a beating over the few years that I've had it, but to me it means $$$ well spent!!!:lol: I usually have change in it or small bills. If I don't want to carry my purse I put my ID and CC in it and off I go. Very handy!!! And as for it being expensive, you can prob. get a really nice pre-loved one off eBay for half the price.:idea:
  12. I have one in Cerises and one in Borneo Green Epi. I also got a mandarin epi one for my sister (she has a bunch of them in vernis as well)

    They are a true LV staple. I cannot tell you how functional they are. I use my cerises one for everything! I have my VW key on it and inside I have my MAC card, Driver's license and work ID. Inside the green one, I have my tanning bed key and coins for the tanning machine. (yes, I know they are horrible for you, but I don't care):rolleyes:
  13. Awesome, I also drive a VW too.
  14. i have the perforated cles in green i love it i attached to my LV bags and i used it for my car keys, very functional i dont have to look for my car keys in my bag ... and yes it does fit a few credit cards and change. i love it hanging in speedy since its a diff color compared to the speedy mono. get the perforated cles its limited edition and colorful
  15. i have the framboise cles as well..and i love it! my most fave piece since i can store my cards in it and clip it to my jeans when i'm out and don't want to carry a bag.