Qn about Chanel Silver calf leather

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  1. Hi everyone. My SA found me an Old Medium Boy in Silver from Spring/Summer collection. I recall reading about members having problems with silver colours from Chanel. This piece is silver chevron calf leather and I don't think it's metallic silver. Just wondering if anyone has had any bad experience with chanel silver? Appreciate any thoughts possible. The silver old medium is exactly the same as the mini/small boy in this photo.


  2. Be careful as long as it is metallic...
  3. @Shan29, Thank you but I don't think it's metallic. She said its not metallic silver, just silver calf from SS2016 but I am not sure if she knows exactly what she's saying.
  4. A better photo which I found off the Internet of a new medium
  5. I think silver = metallic, otherwise it would be grey IMO.
  6. +1
  7. I have a dark silver caviar jumbo and an iridescent goatskin boy. Technically they are not "metallic" i don't think because metallic bags have that "layer"/"coat" that you kinda can see, if you know what I mean.

    Though don't look to be as shiny as the bag you have in photo here though so can't tell if the bag you're asking about is very different. though I have to say that with both my bags mentioned above, I bang them around quite a bit (I'm least gentle with these 2, and wear the boy out to crowded city lots). they are kind of my "hardy/sturdier" bags. so far, almost a year for the dark silver and 6 months? for the boy (which I wear very often), there's not a scratch/scuff/dent/anything that I can see.

    so I think you are right that all silver may not be metallic, but honestly can't tell if this particular one is though (sorry not sure if I am much help on this one, but don't want you to think/I don't think that all silvers are metallic in material). I've seen metallic reds/blues/etc. so I think it's a matter of how it's treated/coated, vs the color itself...

    hopefully someone who owns this bag (and I've seen plenty action shots by TPF members) can tell you for sure!
  8. Here's a pic of a mini silver in caviar from the same season. It looks metallic to me. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464829500.515986.jpg
  9. This is definitely a metallic silver caviar. I don't know how comfortable you are with metallics, but in my opinion this bag is stunning. I would get one if I can find a small boy or a mini. In my opinion, this bag, just like any other metallic/iridescent, once the surface is worn/damaged it will not be fixable. This was confirmed today by two Chanel SAs.

  10. Have to say though..this silver seems duller than the silver on the vanity case...wonder if that makes a difference
  11. Just to close this thread off - The bag I was shown ended up with many scratches and scuffs as it was a display piece. The boutique didn't have anymore in stock. So I guess that was that. After reading through all your comments, I am in a way glad I didn't get the silver as I am not careful with my bags. Plus I heard from the SA that silver always turns dull. I ended up with a coral/red chevron boy from Spring Summer 16 instead.

    Thanks everyone who took the time to respond to me and your two cents.