Qijnapaj's collection

  1. Here is my collection so far. I have a few LV, Fendi, Gucci, Coach, LAMB, Lamb for Lesportsac, Tokidoki for Lesportsac and my MJ wallet. I hope you enjoy. will post more pics soon!
    DSC02083.jpg DSC02086.jpg DSC02088.jpg DSC02091.jpg DSC02092.jpg
  2. Love the patina on your bucket!! Great collection!!
  3. awesome collection. your neverfull really catches my eye.
  4. Love your Coach top handle pouch and the Neverfull!
  5. You have a sweet collection.
    Small but fine :tup:
  6. Love the fendi![​IMG]
  7. Great collection, love the LV bucket ... thanks for sharing!
  8. nice:woohoo:
  9. it took awhile to post so here are a few of the other pics. the close ups.
    DSC02096.jpg DSC02097.jpg DSC02103.jpg DSC02113.jpg DSC02117.jpg
  10. a few more!!!
    DSC02119.jpg DSC02123.jpg DSC02125.jpg DSC02128.jpg DSC02130.jpg
  11. my fendi and my new LAMB that i picked up a few weeks ago, i love it!!
    lamb centre.jpg lamb open.jpg DSC02107.jpg
  12. Cute collection- love the LVs!
  13. Thanks to everyone!!
  14. Your black fendi is very cute! What do you use as, a card holder or cosmetic bag?

  15. Thanks.
    I tend to use my wristlets as card holders or I just got a new coach mini skinny that I use for change and cards. For make-up I have a bunch of Lesportsac pouches that I use.