Qeustion for Ft. Lauderdale Fl. Ladies

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  1. I live in Key west. I want to take a week away ALONE to workout, focus on my diet and did I mention WORKOUT?? I would like to stay in a hotel near a Ballys fitness. Any ideas? Ideally what I want to do is workout early morning, lay by the pool and read, nap, then in the early evening workout again. This is ALL I want to do for 7 days. Ideally I would like to stay somewhere relatively nice, but most importantly I want to be able to walk to the gym. Any ideas would be great! Thanks!!
  2. .Is there such a thing in Ft. Lauderdale? Sorry about the misspelled word in the thread topic. I hate it when I do that.
  3. Are you wanting to go to the one on Sunrise?
  4. Sure...not picky really...is it a nice one?
  5. I have never been in there, but I see it on the way to the beach. It's not really close to the beach though, so you would have to drive there. I think most of the hotels are on the beach and not really that area.
  6. Thank you Angep! I appreciate the info. I will check it out! The Westin in Miami is beach front and the gym is kickkass...that might be an option as well...thanks again!