1. why do ppl sell them on eBay?
  2. Because they don't want the qees? Not everyone carries Toki bags with qees.
  3. I don't sell the qee, but as a tokidoki bag owner of many tokidokis, I wouldn't want to have 5 of the same keychains (well I do ish). Some people don't want the qee. Or they think 1 is enough or two and sell the rest.
  4. I sell my qees because I don't like how the white bear qee looks...and I like the adios qee, but I only keep two for myself and sell the rest =P I like having a variety of keychains on my bag~ no use keeping them if they're just gonna sit in my drawer right?
  5. The only reason to keep more than one of each qee is if you're going to eventually sell the bag. It's a nicer package if the bag has all its accessories intact. Still, I get why people ditch the qees, and why others buy them. Even if you get your toki from a store, it won't necessarily have the qee attached.
  6. I think they sell it because they can make money off it, especially the hard to find ones...like the dalek & meomi...a meomi went for over a hundred dollars.......
  7. Well, the other one sold for what...$125? hmm...gosh, I think I bought my OP bella brand new from the Lesportsac Outlet for about that much...and the meomi qee came WITH the bag lolz...I think it is the consumer's fault if an auction goes that high..but a starting price of that, idk...if people want to buy it, that's their fault.

    ...the meomi artists were selling it at $15...lose money for the artists...they should be getting the money.
  8. is any one willing to sell a Meomi? i just like to have a complete bag: qees, tags, etc.

    *please, no outrageous prices...Tokidoki has robbed me enough already. LOL!
  9. I'm pretty sure in this tokidoki forum you are not allowed to buy or sell items lol...unless the rules have changed since I've last been here.
  10. I personally didn't like the Qee on the bag because the design would end up getting banged and scratched up!! I learned my lesson...
  11. idk...the qees never scratched up any of my bags...but it does cover a bit of the print.
  12. Oh I didn't mean it would scratch my bag. The Qee's design itself would get scratched off eventually, and I didn't like that.
  13. sorry...i'm still new to the forum. i'll read up on the rules again.
  14. Yeah my qees are messed up. Well one of it broke the head off -_- grrrr.. so I don't carry it around.