qees on or off?


Do you keep you qees on your toki bag?

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. A poll..curious to see how many keep them on or take them off. Yes is ON, no is OFF sorry...should have put that in the poll!!!
  2. i keep my qees on my bag. makes me happy to see them dangle around.
  3. i do. it's fun to pose them :] i also keep the ball chain on it, but i take it off to scotch gard the bag and forget the original placement :X
  4. i leave all my qees on my bags. I want to take the whole thing off but I'm worried I will ruin the leather. I dont want to just leave the ring on :p
  5. i take the qees off most and then put other things on the bags!! But I think I have a few qees on some of my bags. Im indecisive!
  6. i learned my lesson after i left my one qee on my first bag... its nose got scratches up :sad: so now i take off all my qees(still in plastic bag) and put them on the carbiner inside the bag
  7. mine are on.. the only 2 pieces I took them off of were my 2 Angiolettos.
  8. lol i see i'm in the minority that takes the qees off the bags. I leave the chain on tho! :biggrin: