Qees/ Keychains for Tokidoki Bags

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  1. Since I didn't know where to post this info I decided to just include it w/ a new discussion thread. Those that wanted the Hawaii Qee it's now available at Qeester.com :nuts: so tracy, jessica, and anyone else waiting for it go get it! weeeeeee :tup:

    I ended up getting the Hawaii Qee for my Spiaggia Zucca, a Hellboy Qee for my Inferno Corriere, and a Toxic Yellow Cat Qee for my Pirata (once I find my perfect pirata to use that is :sweatdrop:)

    The question is... What other qees or keychains have you used for your bags? I know people have used the pirate bear qee and the metallic qees plus some keychains but I just thought it'd be cute to share/show

    Post pics if you can!!
  2. where is a good place to look for qees i accidentally found the pirate qee and qeester.com doesn't seem to have anything i want either.

    i want something for inferno and paradiso.

    the hawaii qee sound's adorable for the spiaggia.

    i want to try to get ones to match up w/each print if i can find something.
  3. the only places I really look are qeester.com and ebay...

    if you go into the gallery part of qeester.com you can check out all the different types of qees they have made in the past (it might take a while tho) and look them up on ebay, google, or use forums like VTF and Kidrobot to search of the qees.

    I saw a really cute one I wanted for the foresta but it's too much IMO
    here's a pic of it :biggrin:
  4. aww that is great. i love it, is it furry it looks furry. contacts are reallly fuzzy.

    this guy is great for inferno

  5. haha yeah I was looking at that! So cuuute :biggrin: I forget which store tho... and what he's called. and yupp he's fuzzy not ur contacts lol

    I think tokidoki now vinyls will be the end of me
  6. oh no we're doomed.

    look cyborg jellyfish thing![​IMG]

    could work for spiaggia!

    yea i found it i was looking for the gloomy bear compact mirror and found the other skele guy.
  7. [​IMG]oh no winter print!


  8. can anyone post a pic of the pirate bear qee?

  9. [​IMG]
  10. THAT IS SO BADASSSSS!!! :heart: :heart: hahahahaha
  11. he is angry skellyqee thing type!!!

  12. :crybaby:it says its coming soon for the hawaii qee..guess its all out??
  13. aww I guess it is... darn I should have bought 2... I was thinking if I ever got a SS that wanted one since a few people want them so I could give it :sweatdrop: but I didn't realize it'd disappear so fast!

  14. Which one is the Hawaiian qee? I can't seem to find it.
  15. when ur on qeester.com click on the United States Qees button and it's the qee next to the giant orange egg thing. It's a girl cat in a hula outfit