Qee Mutilation

  1. [​IMG]

    What do you do with your broken qees?

    I've got two qee-head stuck to the stand of my monitor .. and don't ask about where their bodies and limbs are ..... they too are put to use, and super glued somewhere ... all separetley .. MUAHAHAHA!! :lol:
  2. LOL hahahahaahah~ My qees are just in a little bowl :p INTACT!
  3. i haven't had any broken qees yet (crosses fingers) but when i got my pirata ciao ciao from SH, there was a qee head inside the bag.... so i just put the extra head in the drawer with all his brothers :p
  4. LOL!! I can only imagine.. I haven't broken any yet but if I do... I might just let it hang with only a head or missing an arm or leg.. Just to give it more character.
  5. LOL... that looks really funny. I like it.

    I haven't had any qees break yet, thankfully.
  6. bwahahaha i just read the title and my eyes glowed!

    do some gore artwork..and send it to simone. maybe he will hire you! :biggrin: *tsk tsk free goodies!*

    the qee inquisition! :graucho:
  7. lol... I haven't had any of mine break... I beheaded one and never put his head back on but that's it

    I'd want to do some art... I'm feeling creative again!
  8. Just making full use of every penny I paid for the bag, qee included. You know, their arms work great as q-tip holders! But then again, who really need a q-tip holder?
  9. R.I.P little Qee- I had a beheaded one, but I did minor surgery and know he is back on duty protecting my bag from the evils of Los Angeles. :wlae:
  10. lol i haven't had any of my qees break yet ... not sure what I'd do if one did break tho ...
  11. aw i can't see the picture :sad:
  12. haha I didn't even realize there was a picture until just now!! It's sad but also too funny :lol:
  13. So awesome!! None of my qees have broken...yet.

    Q-Tips could make some sweet weapons, maybe?
  14. OMG, too cute!! I have not had them fall off yet, but I might just superglue them together before it does happen.