Qdoba or Chipotle?

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  1. Everyone I know who has tried both always says Chipotle! If you choose Qdoba, what's your reason?
  2. CHIPOTLE...hands down!:love: Its our fav fast food place..I could eat there regularly if I wanted to be very bad:amuse:
    I have had fantastic food every single time...not so much with Qdoba...(although I do love the Queso..)
  3. Chipotle is my favorite too :heart: I always go to the restaurant near times square in NYC. Best veggie burrito I've ever had!
  4. Chipotle is awesome! I don't think there are any Qdobas here in my area..?

    We also have Freeb!rds..which is gross, imo..
  5. Chipotle for sure!! just so delicious!
  6. Qdoba - I love the shredded beef, plus I like the chips better - they have a hint of lime or something on them.
  7. there's also pancheros.

    and honestly... i can't tell the difference between any of them lol

    i do l ike pancheros because they mix everything together before wrapping it up in a burrito.
  8. Chipotle definitely is better! I tried Qdoba and remembered thinking it was underflavored compared to Chipotle. But I think each Chipotle burrito has like 3x your daily salt, so that's probably why it's so tasty!
  9. Chipolte is way better (though I love Qdoba's corn salsa)
  10. Chipotle. I HATE Qdoba.
  11. This thread is making me want Chipotle for dinner tonight!
  12. Chipotle!
  13. never been to Qdoba, but i looovveee chipotle!
  14. They are all horrible mexican to me--but qdoba has cilantro jalepenos and more salsas out that I can use to flavor the bland food
  15. I'm a huge fan of both places. If I had to chose one over the other it would be Qdobas. I like that there more variety to there menu. I like that you can get more choices to dip your chips in. I like the craft 2 b/c you can get 2 small portions of menu items. I always have to get their ancho bbq sauce on my burrito so maybe that why I do not notice the blandness. Chipotle meat does have more kick to their meat