1. My auction clearly stated I ship to confirmed addresses only. Of course this person with an unconfirmed address buys it and pays immediate, as that is how it was set up. They need to confirm their address. Do I have to refund them and have them pay again or will their original payment show as a confirmed address once they get it confirmed?

    ETA - sorry, not sure what happened to the title and I can't edit it.
  2. bnjj I am sorry I have no idea???? Did they even email you about this? I fi8nd that really rude..... I live in Australia so my address will always come up as unconfirmed simply because I am in Aus.... but I ALWAYS communicate with sellers before I bid. Pardon my ignorance - but if they have already paid what's the matter with unconfirmed??? Is it because the buyer may claim it never arrived???
  3. ^^If she ships to an uncomfirmed address and something goes awry she won't necessarily have PayPal's Seller protection.
  4. You will need to refund their money and then have them pay again with a confirmed address.
  5. ^^yup! I agree. This happened to me. What I did was, I emailed the buyer with the situation. Told him that I will have to refund his $ and he would need to work on confirming his address on PayPal before sending again his payment. The good thing is, the buyer really wanted the item and he worked on it right away. Or else, I would have to relist the item and pay the fees incurred because of it.
  6. Thanks guys.

    I emailed the buyer the moment they paid last night but they have not replied as yet. It is a small ticket item and they have good feedback so maybe I will just send it insured so I am covered by the post office if anything goes wrong.

  7. I mail items, to unconfirmed addresses all the time without any problems. The ONLY time I require a confirmed address is if the amount is more than I am willing to lose.

    Good luck.
  8. Yeah, as it is a small ticket item and being sent with insurance I feel fine about sending it to this buyer. After all, I just had a buyer on another item from Japan and their addresses cannot be confirmed and I am just going to insure it with the post office and send it off.
  9. If it is not a high priced item then I would probably not worry about it and just go ahead and send it USPS insured. Especially since the buyer has good feedback.