Q regarding koala agendas

  1. i thought i read here somehwere that the koala agendas are discontinued? is that true? or a myth? i'm interested in the damier one. and the only one i can get ahold of is the display, so if it's discontinued then i don't have a choice, otherwise i'd wait for a new shipment. tia
  2. They are discontinued :sad:
  3. but the 1866# said they weren't
  4. They are no longer in production, but some are still left in a few boutiques if you can find them. The new DENIM agendas come with the (larger) koala clasp as well. I saw a mono koala agenda with mandarin lining at my LV....if you really want one, call the 1866#. Hopefully the SA helping you will not be clueless, but guide you in the right direction.

    Good luck !!!!!!
  5. such a pity, i shld have bought it earlier:crybaby:
  6. they're discounted, when i ordered my monogramed rose one about a month ago from 866 they told me there were only 8 locations in the US that had them & only 1 location had more than one.