Q: Outlet in California...?

  1. HI! I'm going to california in the next couple of weeks and did some research on the outlets close to where i'm staying. I found an outlet called Desert Hills Premium Outlet.


    They have gucci dior, d&g etc... has anyone been here? Is it worth the drive??? I would really love to find some good deals while i'm out there... especially on gucci ;)
  2. I've been there many times. Most of the time, I'm able to find something at Gucci. You might want to call and have them send you pics first.
  3. I've been there. It's hit and miss because I've been able to find fabulous deals. For example: I found a Britt Tote Bag, current season for $795 versus the website/store price of $1200. It's still expensive but it's still a savings of $400. I found better deals at the Todd's outlet.
  4. Absolutely worth the drive, there are so many brandname shops and goodies! I bought three bags there last time I went :p
  5. ITA- I especially like the YSL and Ferragamo. Bottega is bit pricey, and Prada has more in the way of RTW than bags, but the Gucci is usually pretty good.
  6. You might want to check out the outlet thread, pictures have just been posted.
  7. I've never been there, but haven't heard anything bad about it.
  8. I am going tomorrow I will report back
  9. ^^ I'm thinking about going this weekend. I want another keyholder for $50! =P I gave mine to my brother. Please keep an eye out (incase I dont go). If I go tomorrow, maybe I'll see you and your cute dog! But I'll be GC-IN-HIDING! =P
  10. AWESOME! thanks so much for your replies! i'm not goign for another couple of weeks but i thought i'd ask around before i planned out my itinerary.

    now i'm excited woooooooo:yahoo:
  11. I just went this last Sunday to check out the Prada/Miu Miu store (called Space) and I must say that the SAs there are even more SNOTTY than the ones at NM Fashion Island, Newport Beach! I was very disappointed with the Prada store, but found some good buys at Tod's also. They have a Juicy store with some decent deals as well. It's actually a fun place to go shopping for all kinds of designer items. Make sure you go to the Off Saks store, they sometimes have some really good deals!! ;)
  12. Great thanks! i hope its better then the one in buffalo... they have a lot of stuff but nothing of real interest.
  13. been there several times. I go there primary to see what they got and I leave very dissapointed at times. But then there was a time I left with a big smile. Its a hit or miss but definitely worth checking out.
  14. It'll definitely be better. I have an Off 5th by my house and the Desert Hills store blew it out of the water inventory-wise, as I'm guessing they probably get all the best pieces.
  15. good to know. i'll post my purchases when i get back. :smile: