Q on Vintage Gucci Bag

  1. Hi there gals,

    I went consignment shopping today and ran into this Vintage Gucci Bag.

    Do you think that it's worth buying and reselling on ebay maybe?

    I'm not familar with Vintage items, but this bag seems in okay condition except for the worn-out handles.

    Please tell me what you think..any will help. :shrugs: VintageGucci1.jpg


  2. The handles are nasty. Are you sure thats authentic? You wouldnt get $20 for that on ebay. The handles are really gnarly.
    How much was she selling it for?
  3. lol yeah it looks surely authentic. it was 30 at first, but marked down to 15. ;/
  4. You wouldnt be able to make much one it but at $15 I guess you cant really go wrong :smile:
  5. lol yikes. i guess i'll let this case gooo! :biggrin: thanks for your help selena!