Q on the medium Veneta

  1. I was in Saks last week and fell in love with the large Veneta, but they don't carry the Carmino color which I love.

    They do, however, carry it in the medium size. At first I was like, "No way! I want the larger size."

    Well, yesterday I was in Saks again (:nuts:) and tried on the medium Carmino and this time the size grew on me...or maybe that's bc I love the color soooo much! ;)

    (I've also have been toting around my E/W chanel all last week so I think that also helps since I took a break from my larger bags. Who knows...)

    So my question is: for those of you that have the medium size...can you wear it comfortably on your shoulder with a winter coat on?

    If the answer is no then I will most likely get the larger size...


    Mari :heart:
  2. I think it depends on how heavy the coat is, but I would say yes, because the medium veneta does slouch once you put things in it giving you a bit more drop under the arm.
  3. I think it depends in part on your build? I'm tall (5'8) and fairly broad-shouldered, and as much as I loved my Limo medium Veneta it is on its way to the consigner since it wasn't as comfortable on my shoulder as my Campana or either style of the Ball bag. But, for a more petite frame it could be fine . . . good luck!
  4. TY ladies for your opinions!:smile:
    I am 5'2 and about 125 lbs. Hope that helps!

    Anyone else have experience with this bag?
  5. i am surprised...i thought more ladies here had the medium veneta.
    oh well...i guess i'll get it anyway and try it on with a coat and see.

  6. i do have both the medium veneta and the large one. i actually prefer having the classic dark colors in large and the brighter seasonal colors in medium. my concern was same as yours that i would probably want a large one to put over a large coat.

    i definitely would suggest go into the store and try both the venetas on with a coat.

    good luck!
  7. my medium is in quarzo so wearing it with a winter coat will never happen, boo hoo. I was trying to figure out how to wear it with brown or something but it's not happening for me.
  8. I have a few medium venetas. I cannot wear them over a coat. But, I have no problem carrying them as a hand-held bag.
  9. I have a medium build and I think the medium veneta would be difficult to wear with a heavy coat.
  10. I have 2 medium venetas and I only use it during summer/autumn time. It's hard to wear the medium veneta on shoulder when wearing a coat.
  11. i have a small build up top and i thought over time it would slouch a little more giving it more room for the shoulder...damn. i really wanted the carmino and Saks carries it in medium.

    (my coats are not uber thick in the shoulder...i prefer thinner coats bc i use thick scarves.)

    TY ladies for your responses. It has helped tremendously.
  12. I am 5'0" tall and I have no problem wearing the medium veneta with coats. I wear a suit to work everyday and I can get the medium over my wool overcoat over the suit in the winter. I also carry it on the shoulder over a semi-puffy long down coat with no problem. The slouch of the bag makes the opening larger when you have stuff in it. I also find that the bag stays on the shoulder well without slipping down.