Q on the Damier Key and Change holder

  1. I have a car key that has a remote on it, it's 3 1/4 inch long. Does it fit into the key and change holder with 3 other keys? The remote is 1/4 inch thick. Trying to see if the holder has enough room. Anybody knows? Thanks!

  2. Yes!!!
    let me locate a pic of mine
  3. I doubt it... my car key is an electronic fob and it does not fit in the cles with my key ring and two house keys, so I leave it on the outside. I guess I could just cram it in there, but I don't want to.
  4. I just bought this and it definitely has room to fit my car key but it's a bit long and I'd like a Damier piece. What do you think of this?

  5. hope this helps
    140808.jpg 140934.jpg 140959.jpg
  6. i prefer the damier 4-key holder for my keys..for some reason i don't put keys into cles, but i do use it as a coin purse..i don't like bulky cles..it changes the shape of the cles...HTH
  7. I dont put my keys in either, they hang just like that and i put change and debitcard/lic and c/c in the pochette part :smile:

    makes life easy when running the kids to school :smile:
  8. Ditto!
  9. I also find that the cles does not fit my fob along with the three keys I have attached to the fob.
  10. i don't like keeping keys attached directly to the cles, even though mine will fit. i valet at the mall and other places a lot, so i find by keeping the carkeys on one ring and house keys on the cles, i can take my keys/cles and leave the car keys in the ignition.
  11. Thanks ladies. I am going to keep the mono Rabat. I want something that I can keep my keys in.
  12. i'm also wanting the mono rabat..
    does notes, cards and coins as well as keys?
    will the coin fall out?:shrugs:

    i have a mini mono cles, but the notes get stuck in the zipper.:Push:

    thanks in advance;)
  13. I was thinking of getting that too but don't want to attach my keys...so can't think of other functions it'd bring me.

    How roomy is it? Anyone got a mono rabat??.....