Q on paypal~

  1. Hey girls,

    How long does it usually take paypal for a refund to appear on the bank account? The already shows up on paypal, but the balance is still $0, that's the part i'm most confused about. it's over $500, which i think it's the receive limit for my account (does it matter though since it's a refund)

  2. Did you pay thru a CC or straight from your bank account?
    When I paid with straight from a bank account, it took almost 2 weeks for the refund to get in.
  3. If the seller is issuing a refund, your money will be on hold until they have enough in their account to cover the full amount. I just went through this, and it took about a week in my case.
  4. LAst week I used a debit card via paypal. the refund and transfer record showed up immediately and the money made it to my bank account in about 2-3 working days.
  5. It depends on the seller's paypal account. If they have no money in it and never put money in then you may never see your money. Anytime a deposit is made to their paypal account, paypal will automatically deduct it.
    If you paid with your CC I would open a dispute with your CC company as well so that you are doubly protected.
  6. thanks a lot ladies~~really appriciated it:yes: