Q? on MJ heatstamp on Quilted Blake

  1. Hi,

    I received my Black Quilted Blake a couple of weeks back and I'm loving her:yahoo:. She was authenticated in this forum (see post #13146 below). http://forum.purseblog.com/marc-jacobs/authenticate-this-marc-jacobs-17675-877.html#post4408977
    I had one question on the heatstamp though - I've attached pics below.

    Is this right that the heatstamp will be on the zipper border part (not sure what's the proper term for this):confused1:? I thought that the "Marc Jacobs Made in Italy" heatstamp will be on a small leather square patch - or is that for regular Blakes only??

    Thanks so much for your response. It'll ease my mind greatly
    MJ 1.JPG MJ 2.JPG
  2. im pretty sure the way those pics show the heatstamp done, is the way they are currently doing the MJ bags. on older MJ's the MII was on a separate leather tag sewn into the bag. he's changing the way he marks the insides of the bags, i really prefered the metal plate to this way of gold embossed heatstamping...
  3. I have an authentic Sienna purchased from Nordstrom's that has the stamp that looks the exact same way. It is from a year or so ago. Hope that helps set your mind at ease. :heart:
  4. thanks jun3machina!!!
  5. Thanks so much HitchcockBlonde.I'm so happy now:yahoo:
  6. sure thing! i just bought an irina tote too, and it is stamped in the same fashion.