Q on LV repair

  1. Hello,

    I heard that you can repair/replace parts like handles on LV bags if u just send it back in...does any1 have any idea how much of an estimate it might cost for handles?

    Also, does Gucci repair parts like this too?
  2. Yes they will repair or replace just about anything. I have taken in bags, shoes, hairclips, ect. If it is a quality issue and you have your receipt, they do it for free. I am sure they will tell you up front how much and how long it would take depending on the problem.
  3. I was quoted $130 to replace the handles of an LV Speedy.
  4. wow 130 for handles! okay good thing i asked.i was thinkin of buying and reselling vintage or very used bags n replace parts. dont think its a good idea nymore if its that expensive for just handles. ;/