Q on Bottega Veneta woven hobo

  1. Hello girls! :flowers:

    My brother mistakenly bought me the LARGE woven hobo in tan/camel instead of the small one i ordered. The problem is I'm only 5' tall, small-medium build and in my opinion it looks too big/wide for me. I was wondering if in time, the bag will become slouchier the more you use it, hence the 20" width won't be too obvious. Also, anyone here with similar stature who uses the large hobo? I'd like to know what you think. Returns/exchanges are out of the question since he bought it in an overseas BV outlet store. So my options would be to keep it or sell it....

    What do you think girls? Any feedback/opinions would be very much appreciated :yes: Thanks!!!
  2. I'd keep the bag! I don't have a BV, but the hobos I've seen do look slouchier as time goes by. And I think the bag looks great in the size you got!
  3. I am 5'3" and I like how the large one looks on me rather than the small. IMO it's chic-er!
  4. I have the large and small in the chocolate color. I'm 5'3, and they both look great on. Are you comfortable carrying it?
  5. well i think we'll be able to decide if u post a picture of you carrying the bag:flowers:
  6. I do feel comfortable wearing it :yes: The leather is so light and supple that it doesn't feel like i'm carrying a big bag at all. It's just how it looks on me that i'm worried about.

    Thanks for all the feedback girls! Now i can't wait to use it. I'll try to post a pic soon :yes:
  7. it'll definitely get slouchier, mine doesn't look wide at all anymore. that disappeared after a few wears but then again i do overload my bags like nobody else.
  8. It will get really soft and worked in over time. I think you will be able to get away with it, but if it's the one BV you will own for a while I would sell it and get the smaller one. I have the large ball bag( same size) and the small HOBO, I wear the smaller one for LESS casual outfits because proportionatly it is better for my frame(also 5'3"). When I wear casual outfits, theb big one is fine. One looks sophisticated on me (small), large looks more everyday - sweatpants.