Q. LVs shout...I have money???

  1. I really am into LV due to the wonderful reputation and first hand witness to its durability...but more for the one pattern that I fell for....if it wasnt for that particular pattern, I think that I would of never bought an LV...even though I always wanted one...

    So when I bought it, I was also glad that it didnt have the logos every where....I thought that this was a real plus....b/c I hate attention in general and knew that I didnt have what it took to carry the lovely Mono....just a personality thing......

    But still.......the more Ive been collecting...the more I feel that maybe it is telling other people...."look what I can afford"....it is on my mind alot.....especially when people look at it....the first thought is...I hope they dont notice that it is LV.....(b/c there is a tiny logo that can be seen close up too...which I hate)

    Do you guys have the same issues? What do you guys think??? Your thoughts will be sooo appreciated ladies!!!!!
  2. I know alot of ladies have this issue on the board. I do not. I love my bags! I have carrried a LV for over 25 years and I will not stop...I may move on to other designers occasionally but LV is just something I have always loved. I find it frustrating for anyone to be embarrassed by what they have or do not have! I'm sure you work very hard for what you have and should enjoy it. Why is it bad to have money...just becuase you carry a LV does not mean anything about your finacial status. (maybe it was a gift?) I just do not give it much thought (or any at all honestly) what others think of my bags. (or clothes, or jewelry etc..) as long as Im a kind, caring person...and treat others with respect and kindness...well that means so much more to me.
  3. Mine shout, "I used to have money!" Ha!
  4. ^ :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
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  6. I live in an area where most people can afford LV so I really don't stand out, which is fine with me. I am not wearing mine to show I have money.

    However, I do think some wear LV to show their financial status. I think if a person is overly concerned that it will be thought of as fake then yes they are wearing it to make a statement.
  7. I don't think using LV screams you have money, I think it says you have good taste!
  8. I really don't think so. Every time I see some one using an obvious LV (mono) I just look at it and think to myself "Nice bag":nuts:. If you are concerned about sending the $$$ message to people around you, go for less obvious LV lines (epi, suhali, etc.). I can almost GUARANTEE you that NO ONE would even know that you are carrying LV therefore won't think your bag screams $$$!;)
  9. I do feel awkward sometimes and I really hope people don't think I carry it because I want to "show I have money". That is not why I carry LV bags. I just LOVE my bags and I LOVE nice ones. That's just me. I don't care what other people carry - it's just my "thing" to carry nice bags....I have an appreciation for them just like other people like other nice things. I sometimes feel a little "showy" but that is passing. I have reached the age where I am starting to not care what others think.
  10. IMO ANY bag is going to scream what it cost if someone out there knows enough about the line, and when it comes to LV in particular, most people are familiar with the fact that they're costly but not the precise price points. They just don't care.
  11. Why can't we just celebrate someone's good taste?? :confused1: I know not everyone likes LV, but...it's so easy to throw rocks at the LV mono, the Chanel Cs, the Gucci Gs. I'm over it. If people have a problem with it it's their problem and not mine.

    LOVE that post earlier with, "it shouts 'I used to have money.' " That made my day! :P
  12. Because I live in the boonies I almost never see anyone carrying a LV, but when I'm out of town and see them I never think that person must have money. My first reaction is that they have great taste! I don't even usually ever wonder if it's fake -- I just trust that it is. Like icechick says, I don't think wearing an LV screams you have money, it screams you have good taste! That's a good thing.

    I hate hearing that many of you have coworkers or acquaintances that assume this or that just because of your handbags. It just means they are insecure about their own income or their own materialism. You can't change others, you just have to be comfortable enough in your own skin to know you carry the LV bag because you love it and it makes you feel good to wear it and just ignore the snarky remarks others make.
  13. I agree with most of the gals here....it's about the bag not the $$$ :smile:
  14. Haha, doesn't mean that you have money... Just means that you have a RICH BF! :biggrin:
  15. ^^^^ If ONLY I had one, I'd still have money ! :P

    I didn't really think of this before, until I've been scrutinized at school for it. Ugh, this is why Vuitton doesn't get to make much of an appearance.