Q: I found a ______ at H&M today!!

  1. Ans: I found a Roberto Cavalli black trenchcoat at H&M today!! :yahoo:

    I'm so exicited that this is one of the items that massive people waited for on the day of its debut, and I just so happen to find it about a month later! Well, technically I found it yesterday and placed it on hold. Apparently, someone bought a whole bunch of stock and returned a good amount of it (selfish, I know :tdown:). The one I got has the mini gold studs around the edges.

    I got it in a size 36. Normally I'm preferably a size 2, and occasionally a size 4. This trench runs a tad smaller, so the fitting is okay. I may need your help you decide whether or not to keep it. I just feel like I got so lucky... it'll be sad if I did have to return it.
  2. I think you should definately KEEP IT!!!! This was one of the most sought-after items in the H&M Cavalli collection, and it's beautiful tailoring and detailing (pretty shiny gold studs!)

    I remember on launch day this guy grabbed 5 of them and ran to the counter, leaving all of us without a chance to buy a trench coat. It's "fate" that you happened upon one, so I think you should keep it :smile:

  3. Lyn, I too think its "fate" that I fell upon one, especially when I rarely check out H&M. But if it's a little big, I'm afraid i won't have the confidence to sport it out. I'm also very short, and I'm afraid my petite frame won't allow me the chance to rock it.

    And I'm so sorry to here that that guy, and plenty of others, grabbed just for the sake of buying a mass of it, opposed to those like you, who had certain items in mind to own and treasure. Did you at least get other pieces you've been eyeing?
  4. Congrats! I'd love to see a pic...
  5. Here are the modelling pics! What do you all think? Is it overpowering for my frame? I would love to keep it, but I don't see when I can wear it when the weather is getting so chilly these days.
    IMG_1847(2).JPG IMG_1848(2).JPG IMG_1849(2).JPG
  6. i think it looks pretty good. Definitely taylor the arms and possibly take an inch or so in the body so that it will contour to YOUR body better.

    very good find! Congrats :smile:

    I wish we had H&M here.
  7. I think it looks great! defintely a keeper.:tup:
  8. Does anyone know how much it would cost to tailor the sleeves and the body? Wouldn't want to pay an additional half the price of the jacket.
  9. I was expecting it to look too big on you - but it looks gorgeous and I think you should keep it. Now I want one myself!
  10. I think it looks great on you!
  11. I think it looks fine.
  12. I think it looks great on you! You can rock it with a great handbag (this is afterall, the purse forum, hehe) and some killer shoes! It seems to be more autumn/spring weather than a winter coat, but you can also wear it on a chilly summer evening. Oh, and don't forget to wrap it around yourself on New Year's Eve to cover up your pretty outfit. :yes:

    Besides, you can always return it before 30 days if you keep the tags on and don't decide to wear it after all. :heart: I managed to get some items that day, I attribute it to good karma (I gave a girl a pair of black trousers because she drove for an hr and didn't manage to grab anything). Most of my items were also given to me by other kind shoppers.

    My haul = black ruffle top, leopard corset, snow leopard dress, scarf (gave to my mom) ;)
  13. Lyn, you're making me visualize too many pretty outfits before finals! I'm also hoping I can use it for more casual days. I'm really leaning towards keeping it now. Btw, that's a great, sexy haul you managed to get!
  14. It definitely looks too big on you. Fit is much more important than whether or not it's Roberto Cavalli for H and M... if you can't get it tailored really well for a decent price... return it.
  15. its a great coat but I think its abit too big for you