Q for those with BOTH Birkin 35 and Kelly 32, Togo/Clemence...


Feb 28, 2006
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My dear sweet togo Birkin is my jewel, but it's too heavy for me to consider it an everyday purse (and I don't overstuff it at all. Just the basics.)

I'm thinking of getting a 32cm Clemence Kelly retourne as my next bag and would like to be able to use it more often than the Birkin. Are these still pretty heavy, or are they considerably lighter in weight than a togo or clemence Birkin? :s I tried on a couple at H, but that was w/o anything in it. STILL, empty, it was much lighter than my empty togo Birkin.
Please help a confused cup of tea?! :confused1: :confused1: :shame:


May 7, 2006
Greentea, I weighed both my Clemence 35 Birkin, which weighs in at just over 3 lbs. and my Clemence retourne 32cm Kelly, which weighs at just under 2 lbs. Doesnt sound like a lot of difference, but what I find is that if there is a lot of stuff in the Kelly I use the strap, and that really helps take the weight off my forearm. Also I have an additional canvas strap which can go across the body and that I mostly use for travelling or shopping and it is great. For comparison between togo and clemence I also weighed my togo retourne 32 Kelly and it came out about the same as the Clemence. I think you will find the 32cm Kelly much more manageable from the weight point of view, I dont know if you think a 35cm Kelly would be too big for you? I am 5'5" and 108 lbs and love the larger size Kellys, but that of course is personal tase!


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May 31, 2006
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The kelly does feel lighter, and the shoulderstrap can help alot. But keep in mind that you will not fit as much in the Kelly...Try out a 32 cm kelly with what you normally carry with you (when you get the opportunity) and see if it makes enough difference to you. I think a kelly kind of makes you be more selective what you will bring along for the day.


Sep 1, 2006
Hello, 'Tea.....the Birkin 35 is of course wider but, also deeper inside than the 32 Kelly, thus, is an all over bigger bag.

I agree that by using the shoulder strap with the Kelly, it helps distribute the weight, however, even with the strap, I find my shoulders aching on occasion after a long day of being out with it. Of course I'm older and have some arthritis in my shoulders and that doesn't help....but, it's something to consider when making your selection.

Some ladies just prefer to carry their Kellys, some wear the strap. I find, tho, that I love my Kellys so much:love: , that I don't mind it, either way.
Jun 13, 2006
Greentea ,as you know i am a big fan of the 35 birkin but like you i sometimes crave a lighter load i bought a 32 kelly in togo and used it before i damaged my finger it is a lot lighter and did carry all my bits i just need to get used to the opening of it as i usually leave my birkins open...


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Mar 5, 2006
Yes it's lighter, but I don't think it's even the weight that would make the Kelly easier to carry for you - it's the shape and the strap too. The sheer depth of the 35 Birkin is what makes it very awkward and difficult to carry to me - the Kelly's slimmer shape makes it less of a hassle and less likely to bang into things.

Plus the added option of having the strap available for emergencies when you need your hands free and when you need the weight off your forearm, etc. is a huge plus......

Like everyone else said though - just make sure you can fit everything in the 32 Kelly - it fits a lot less.


Feb 28, 2006
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Thanks, guys! Regarding fitting all my stuff, when I put everything into my Birkin that need, I still have TONS of room in there. My things swim around like crazy. Size-wise, I know the Kelly 32 would be perfect. It was more the weight on my arm and the bulkiness.

Baba, the fact that I can make it a casual messenger with a canvas strap is one reason I want the Kelly! I will definitely get that strap for traveling!


Mar 25, 2006
I have a 35cm Birkin and also a 32cm Kelly. I like both styles of bags for different reasons.

The 35cm Birkin is too wide at the sides, IMO, which gives it too much space inside. When you decide that the space is good to tote all your belongings and even some shopping around, the bag gets too heavy for practical use. The advantage of the Birkin over the Kelly is of course the ease of accessing your belongings in the bag. With the Kelly, the hassle is the closure. I find that whenever I try to secure the flap with the clasp (turn lock) with one hand, the clasp tend to fall inwards, which makes closing a tad more clumsy.

The 32cm Kelly is shorter in east-west length, slimmer at the sides and also shorter in height. You've got to be abit more organised placing things inside. Else, the bulges are very obvious from the outside.


Aug 13, 2006
I have both the 35 birkin and the 32 kelly now, due to recent acquisition of a 32 cm kelly bag. I dont find the birkin bags particularly heavy, but I think the kelly bag, whether lighter or not, is more compact and easier to carry. It doesnt really do that "hang on your forearm" thing (you know, hanging the handles on your forearm, hand facing back toward you) as well as the birkin bag does, but you dont really need it to, since the kelly bag has a shoulder strap when you need both hands free. I am finding it thus far pretty useful. Now the 31 cm bolide is useful too, maybe even more useful, although the interior of the kellybag seems to lend to more organization, to my way of thinking. I hope this helps.


Aug 3, 2006
GT, you know how I harped on and on about the weight of my Kelly 35 before I sold it.... I find having a chevre Birkin or chevre Kelly to be the right solution. I carry a ton in my chevre Birkin 30 and it's a breeze to lug around. How about a chevre retourne Kelly 32? It's a tad more than togo or clemence but IMO, it's well worth the extra $$.


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May 24, 2006
I have a 35 cm Birkin in clemence, a 35 cm Kelly in clemence, and a 32 cm Kelly in togo. I think clemence is heavier than togo, so switching from the Birkin to the 32 cm togo Kelly made a huge difference! It was probably a pound or so, but boy it sure felt tons lighter!


Feb 22, 2006
With my 32 kelly, I have to leave out a lot of the junk I normally like to carry around (iPod, camera, make-up pouch). I end up carrying just a wallet and my keys, so yeah, definitely lighter, but then it does not give me the sense of security I get from having all that junk with me. Also, a fussier handbag for me than the birkin.