Q for the SAs-any chance of this coming?

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  1. I love the flap bags-I'm still carrying a mini sig one from 2 years ago. I was at the Coach store checking out all the new stuff (why can't I win PowerBall?) and was wondering:

    Any chance of this style bag:


    coming in this print:



    I'm seriously LOVING the lurex in the black and gray!! And if it would come in that style bag, I'd be the happiest girl in the world!!:yahoo:

    Thanks so much guys!
  2. nope. not now.

    maybe never.

    lurex is really more of an evening style bag.

    i've never seen it in anything bigger then that shoulder bag with a clasp in front.

    optic c's is the closest style to lurex where you can find it in a bigger size...but even the optic c's don't come in the flap so

    :sad: sorry
  3. Thats a shame!! I love those optic Cs/lurex, all the shine! Oh well!!:sad:
  4. I love my optic lurex bags. I'm kind of satisfied with the ones they have released. These are the ones I have in black and silver:




    and the wristlet:

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful KathyRose!!! I love that print and I SO wish it came in the standard flap bag. Similar to your top pic, but like the big flaps they have out now!! Thanks for sharing!!:smile:
  6. No prob! I wish they made some slightly bigger too but it does make sense that they don't cause it's meant to be more of an evening bag. *sigh*
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