Q for Speedy 30 and higher owners: Do you or do you not "stabilize" and why?

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  1. Thanks.
  2. Stabilize with cardboard bottom and medium Purseket in 30. I don't like too much sag and even with all this it sags a wee bit which actually looks cool.
  3. what do you mean by stabilized??

    put something in the bottom of the bag to reduce the sag factor?? or carry something else on the other hand to stabilize??
  4. I put an old magazine in the bottom of my speedy and use a large purseket for added pockets.
  5. I like my speedy saggy - no cardboard or purseket :smile:
  6. same here:yes: :yes: :yes:
  7. I dont like the sag. I think it looks sloppy. When I get a speedy I will try everything to keep the shape more solid on the bottom.
  8. I stabilize with one of my Mozart for the Clarinet music books. It fits perfectly in there :smile:
  9. I was thinking of something to stabilize my bag with.. and i'm not sure.. a magazine may be a good idea?
  10. :yahoo: Me too!
  11. I like my speedy saggy. I have a medium purseket in my 30 but the sag is still there.:yes:
  12. This was a big question for me before I bought my Speedy 30... I actually found the sagging is not bad... so I don't use anything. The more stuff you put in it the less it sags... and the bigger my bag the more stuff I find to put in it... so maybe that is why mines doesn't sag so much :smile:
  13. I don't mind the sag, I think it's very chic. None of the celebs who carry the speedy seem to mind sag either. :winkiss: The bag was meant to look like that or they would have reinforced the canvas to add structure back in. But usually with the amount of stuff I carrry, the sag is very minimal. I have a 30 though, I'm sure you encounter greater sag problems with the 35 and up.
  14. I put an Eluxury catalog on the bottom.
  15. i like the sag!!! SAGGY ALL THE WAY!