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  1. i went to the boutique today looking for two things: the ponytail scarf and the stripe flats. they didn't have either, nor did the two surrounding coach stores.
    i ended up buying a few other things (pics later!) and forget to ask them to order them for me, since i hate paying for shipping.
    my question is: since the store is about an hour away, can i just call them and order and not pay shipping? and, if that's the case, couldn't i just call up ANY coach store and do that? (i say that because i think you all need to have a certain number a sales and i would love to help out, if possible). does that make sense? or is the stuff sent out from a warehouse and not individual stores?
  2. I think you could have ordered them at the store with free shipping.
  3. i know i could have...but i forgot to.
  4. I order from sprinkles and she a sweetie, free shipping and gift wraps them and adds a little card of thanks! I actually need to call her and order refills and a couple of charms!
  5. You can call any coach and have them ship it to you. It's free of charge.
  6. ooh...can i order from her, too?
  7. PM her!
  8. PM me! I know we have a striped scarf at the store right now (or we did yesterday) that'll i'll put aside for you since i'm going into work in 10 min. I will be there until 6 but I can pm you and let you know the store number :smile:

  9. THANK YOU sprinkles! you rock! you need a raise. :greengrin:
    i'm bummed out i couldn't get the shoes...but that's okay...
    (i'm actually slightly disappointed in my sneakers already...they're not holding up very well and i've only been wearing them less than 6 hours. anybody else have probs with the sneakers?)
  10. If you call and do it over the phone you willpay shipping. HOWEVER, if you have a local Coach store they still may be able to order things from their Jacksonville Distribution Center that are already in the outlets. In this case they can order them for you and you will not pay shipping.

    I hope this helps.;)
  11. My two closest stores BOTH told me to call and they will order and shipping will be free. Same thing with the store I used to buy from out on the West Coast.
  12. Haha I think I just got a good raise, I just got promoted to a manager position! Your stuff went out today 2-day, so you'll get it soon and I included that thing I mentioned :P

    Hmm, The kates? I haven't heard too many bad things! If they fall apart or anything, take them back to send to JAX!
  13. yeah! manager!
    if i find something new i want (which is quite likely!), i'll come back to you. :smile:

    i don't know if the shoes are going to fall apart...but i think i was just assuming the same quality as i've been getting with the bags. oh well.
  14. No no, you should def. assume the same! Shoes are produced somewhere else though and not in the same factory as handbags (I think!) so they are made different but up to Coach standards.

    I included my business card in it! So feel free to call, I also mentioned in the note that I made note of your size (I put it in for 8.5/9) in case the Alanas pop up in my store or JAX :smile:
  15. I've ordered from NJ, NY, Michigan, and New Hampshire, etc. and I've never been charged or hinted about shipping. and twice it was rushed to me without any charged to me.