Q. for ladies that love the GH?

  1. IDK if it's true or not - but the threads about Fall '08 that I've read say that the hardware options for Fall will be either:

    * Traditional Hardware or

    * Giant Hardware in the same color as the bag.

    So then is it true that they'll be no more Silver or Gold GH? If so will you purchased the Colored HW instead or revert to the Traditional?

    p.s. I could be way off here with my info so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! :flowers:
  2. There will still be GGH and GSH
  3. ^^Ah okay- I read in one of the '08 colors threads that there wouldn't be - which seemed kind of drastic!!
  4. this was one of the first 08 posts:
    Hi All, here are some pics and swatches I received:yahoo: Someone work their magic and resize PLEASE!! The pics are not the greatest - especially the swatches. The first is the Argent Work with what I believe to be the leather covered giant hardware. I can't tell forsure until someone blows up the pic and makes it a bit clearer. Argent is NOT metallic as some of you have mentioned. Also the second pic is the new style called the Giant Pompom (it only comes in GH) in saphire, which is really close to 07 violet IMO - I also think this is giant hardware with the leather covering but can't tell for sure until it's blown up.

    Hardware will be RH, SGH, GGH, RH covered with leather, and GH covered with leather.

    Swatch colors: Top, from L to R: Black, Anthracite, Argent, Saddle
    Bottom, from L to R: Emerald, Crimson, Saphire, Amethyst

    Here is how Balenciaga is describing the colors:

    Anthracite: Dark grey
    Argent: Light non metallic grey
    Saddle: Chestnut
    Emerald: just as described
    Crimson: Dark Wine or Bordeaux
    Saphire: Dark Bluish Purple
    Amethyst: Dark magenta