Q for anyone who bought a Lucca bag at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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  1. I had to mail order my medium Lucca tote from another store and have it shipped. For anyone else who got one - did it come with a dust bag? I'm a little surprised mine didn't, but they also didn't include my receipt in the bag, so I'm not sure if it got left out, or if it really didnt have one.

  2. I received the large one and it was stuffed with paper and wrapped tightly in plastic, but no dustbag. I received a receipt with return label.
    Which color did you get? How do you like it?
  3. I got the graphite. I'm not sure yet if I love it, or if I am just keeping it because I had such a hard time getting it. Hmmm. I think I'm spoiled by all the other wonderful soft leather bags I've been buying lately and the metallic looks and feels different, which is weird. But it was approved by may gay boyfriend, so. . .

    I'm really tempted to send it back and use the money to get something small and Balenciaga.
  4. I've bought bags from Nordstrom that didn't come with a dustbag too. If you ask they will give you one. They typically have a pile of extra dustbags in a drawer.
  5. Lucca's may not come with a dustbag. I bought one last year and it did not have a dustbag.