Q abt the Squichy

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  1. I just saw a couple of pictures of this bag and I totally fell in love :love:
    I tried running a search for more info on this bag, but nothing came up :sad:

    Does anyone know what colors the bag comes in? I think I know red and black.. but are there others? Is it patent leather like vernis or (eek!) coated plastic like mirroir? Is it even spelt Squichy? Or is it Squishy? (Can you tell I have absolutely no idea?!:shame:smile:

  2. The Squichy came in black, red, and white. ;)
  3. It comes in black, red, and white. The interior is lined in baby veau (baby calfskin). Exterior is made of a type of plastic of which I don't know what it's composed of. Vernis is patent leather which is leather that is coated with a veneer.
  4. Also it was a Limited Edition and retailed for $1680.
  5. Here you are love. This bag is AMAZING and they ONLY way you can get one is eBay.

    IT comes in Red, White, and Black
    The Inventuer plaque on the front is the same PVC as the Monogram Miroir.
    The hardware is polished brass (prototype was silver).
    The trim is black glossy epi (amazingly innovative!)
    The material is a vinyl (from the Monogram LV-inyl line)

    The monogram is comprised of over 1,000,000 cross-stitchings!!!
    This process gives is an almost "furry" appearance (as Kelis said)

    The black has brown monogram
    The red has a lighter red monogram (with a wine colored veal lining)
    and the white has an ivory lining.

    The Squichy bags DID NOT come with dustbags, so if you buy one at LV, you should ask for one (just in case).

    The toggles on the end offers a very interesting. Acting almost as a "pulley" system. you then tie one toggle to the other, leaving 2 fun epi toggle kind of dangling there (so cute!)







    Originally, it was "Squichy" but I think now it "Squishy". The term coming from the texture; it being a quilted, embroidered vinyl.
  6. yes, red, black and white and I know that you can wear it may different ways!!! It's a cute bag!
  7. Fab bag but I think totally sold out for quite some time, not all stores got this one!
  8. If you are interested, they come up on eBay every now and then- just make sure to post on authenticate thread!
  9. Thanks for the all info! :yahoo:

    The white is lovely - I've never seen it before! Now I want to collect all three! :graucho:

    The bag can be carried over the shoulder, no? Are the handles/straps long and sturdy enough?

    I am going to stalk eBay for this bag.... argh! :supacool:
  10. One downside to this bag is that the material somehow will flake and crack as it is kinda like plastic. Dont know why, probably if it is subject to heat or cold or dryness. My SA recently told me this. Just thought to warn you in advance :smile:
  11. dang. i wish my mom had different taste!
    i asked for that GORGEOUS bag for x mas, and she told me it looked like a garbage bag. :crybaby:
  12. The one in red is TDF! :love:
  13. I love the Sqiuchy!! I have 2 colours-the Black and the White. But I don't use the white one anymore, after I accidentally stained it in a cafe..:s Every now and then i'd take out the Black one to carry, it's an awesome bag!
    And true, they don't come with dustbag, just a flat box, but that's fine with me.:rolleyes:
    Good luck with your SQIUCHY hunt!
  14. Hmmm....mine came with a flat dust bag and I didn't ask for it either.
    I have black, and love it!! But.....when I saw black squichy went for $3000 on Ebay, made me think of selling it:graucho:
  15. It's super cute, but I only saw the picts after it was LONG gone - so no hope for me. Good luck on your hunt.