Q about straps

  1. I just read something about adding a shoulder strap to the keepalls and that sounds really cool. Is the strap available only for the keepall or can it be put on the speedy as well? I was thinking that I might like a speedy 30 or 35 (I'm taller) and if I could get a shoulder strap on it, it would be perfect. Maybe that's unusual, but can it be done? TIA!
  2. There are different size straps. The Speedy can use a smaller adjustable strap. But, you can purchase the Keepall that already comes with a strap but it's more than a Keepall without a strap. The Keepall with straps are reinforced with leather strips on the side to be used to hook the strap. I don't think the strap added to a Keepall without strap hooks would work as well.

    Do a search on eluxury.com for Keepalls and you'll see some with straps and some without.
  3. You can attach a shoulder strap to a speedy, but it's an extra $200 or so and it doesn't look that good imo. If you need a shoulder bag, I'd highly recommend the Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical.
  4. There are a couple of topics about this, if you do a search for something like "shoulder strap speedy", you'll get a few.
    My mom used to put a strap on her Speedy when I was little and it doesn't look that bad IMO. I think it's great because sometimes there are times when you want a handheld bag, but others where you need to have your hands free and that lets you do just that.
    The only one I don't particularly like straps on is the MC line.
  5. :yes: