Q about returns

  1. Is it possible to return a purse to any LV store, or does it have to be returned to the store where it was purchased? TIA!
  2. I think if you purchased it from an LV boutique, then you can return it to any LV boutique. I am not sure if you purchase from Saks if you can return it to an LV boutique and vice versa.
  3. Boutique purchases return to same. Department purchases return to same store.
  4. I've never returned anything before, but prob returning to the same store would be easier?
  5. I was told by 866 that a LV item can only be RETURNED to a boutique if bought at one, same with Saks items, but if you want to EXCHANGE you can exchange something from Saks, Neimans, etc at any LV store!

    Hope this makes sense! LOL
  6. Thanks!
  7. This is what my SA told me:

    If you bought it at a LV store and if the item hasnt been used, and you want to return it within 14 day peiord, you can do it at ANY LV shop ( you can get the store credit or get your payment back). If you want to return the item and the item hasnt been used, but the 14 day policy is up, then you have EITHER 17 more days to return it, or 30 more days to return it (you can only get store credit then)
  8. So does that mean I can also exchange something I got as a gift from eLux to a boutique?

    I got something from eLux that I don't like as a present but would rather just exchange it at the store rather than go through the hassel of sending it back via mail, getting the refund to my parents and then having them pay for an item out here in SF.....

    LVHM REALLY needs to streamline their return policy!
  9. Some of the PFers have mention they have change the policy to accommodate returns from Eluxury at the boutique.
  10. No eLuxury exchanges are allowed at boutiques. They have to be dealt with directly through eLuxury. Doesn't matter if you want to 'upgrade'. Vuitton stores are still seperate from eLux.
  11. Do you have proof of this?
  12. Please wait for a Customer Service Professional to respond.
    You are now chatting with Todd. To better serve you, please give us your name.
    Todd: Hello. How may I assist you?
    you: If I purchase Louis Vuitton from eLuxury and need to exchange the item for some reason. Is it possible to exchange at a Louis Vuitton boutique?
    Todd: I apologize, but you would have to return it to eLUXURY.
    you: Thank you for the return policy question.
    Todd: You're welcome.
    Todd: You may return any unused item purchased on our web site within 60 days of receipt, with the exception of lingerie, swim wear & pierced earrings.

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