Q about proper feline nutrition

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  1. I've been reading a lot about proper nutrition for my cat. I'd love to put her on an all raw diet, but don't have the time or equipment to make her meals myself, so I've decided to give her a canned food made from 95% meat, which is the best alternative to a raw diet. I chose to do this because all the research I read suggests that a raw diet is more natural and mimics what they would eat if they were in the wild; it's easier for their anatomy to digest, helps alleviate health problems, works great for weight maintenance, etc.

    Here's the problem: my cat loves the beef flavor, but hates the chicken & turkey flavor. She refuses to eat it. Is it OK to give her only the beef flavor? Do they need different types of meat in their diet? I couldn't find any articles that suggest only feeding one meat was harmful or anything that says cats benefited best from a variety of protein sources.
  2. I know you said you dont have time but...check here, that might be an option for you..it takes one hour to prepare a batch for two cats for twow eeks so in one hour you can have it ready for the whole month !


    I started researching similar topic myself a few weeks ago when my pumpkin started having health issues. Since then i threw away all the dry food and commercial cans. He lives on minced chicken and rabbit with some livers , the egg yolk with supplements and he feels so much better ! and I dont freeze it to have it in advance and it takes me about 5-10 minutes to prepare ( i dont have a bone grinder yet so i just mince the meat in a regular cheap electric mincer and add the extras).

    You say that the food you give him is 95% meat and I presume since its beef flavour, the meat inside is beef. All I can say is that red meat is not that recommended for cats, so I dont think you should be feeding him just that.

  3. Thanks for the info! I have been reading the same website you recommended lol. It's very informative!

    I would love to be able to afford her Feline's Pride! I researched other companies that make raw food for pets but unfortunately, they all seem to be in the same price range.

    I'm currently feeding her Innova EVO 95% protein foods, and am thinking about buying some Wellness CORE cans in chicken and fish flavors to give her some variety. Unfortunately, the petstore by my house doesn't regularly stock either the EVO or the CORE so I have to special order it.

    Here's the website for EVO: http://www.evopet.com/
    All their food is high protein, low carb, no grain. It is much more affordable. I can feed her for about $30/ month.
  4. LOL yes Im really happy I found this info:tup:

    I envy you so badly ! We have none of those brands in Denmark so I dont really have this choice, its either feeding my cat commercial s*it or preparing it myself and after what i read I could never give him dry food or the usual canned one. The only thing that still comes from the can is tuna in water, he loves it so much and I dont think its that harmful to him:heart:

    which reminds me..along with claws on my calf...dinner time ! :nuts:
  5. We feed AvoDerm canned food. We get it at Petsmart. It was the best solution that I could find that was easily/readily available. I am not sure if they have a beef formula. But my kitty love, love, loves it.
  6. This is a great thread.

    How much EVO do you feed her a day?

    There is a pet supply store just down from my office that sells EVO so I think I will go check it out tomorrow at lunch.
  7. I buy the 13.2 oz cans in a case of 12 for $23. I typically give her 1/2 a can a day and she doesn't get any dry food. It seems to be more than enough for her and she weighs about 12-13 pounds. If you feed your cat dry and wet food, you can probably feed less canned food.
  8. Thanks. I'll go check it out tomorrow. I am in Canada where everything is more expensive and I have two cats so it might be pretty costly feeding them this food though I know it is important for them to have a good diet. Perhaps it will end up being best to feed them a combination of EVO wet and dry.
  9. If you're going to continue giving dry food, make sure that it's low in carbs and doesn't contain any grains. Avoid "indoor" formulas if you can because those tend to be low in fat and higher in carbs, and cats need the opposite- high in fat and low in carbs. I haven't tried the EVO dry food, but I think it's comparable to their canned products. A good dry food that I heard is called Wellness CORE. I believe it contains 50% protein, and no grains. Here's a link: http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/cat_wellness_dry_core.html
  10. I would be feeding them EVO wet and dry.
  11. remember about the influence though that dry food can have on their urinary tract..I woudl really think twice about feeding them dry food, even if its good quality.
  12. Well, we'll see. If this stuff is close to $2/can in the US it is very likely well over $2/can here as everything is more expensive here and I have two cats. So we'll see what I find out when I go to the supply store at lunch tomorrow. Besides, I think it is much more about the quality of the dry food.

    Also, the plan would be to mainly feed them wet food and leave them a bit of kibble out to snack on as my cats are grazers. It is going to take some experimenting for the first while to figure out how much wet it takes for them to be satisfied. I don't want them to be hungry all day after they have eaten all of their breakfast until I get home to give them more wet food.
  13. I just got a quote from a feline's pride distributor in Canada and that stuff is $10/pound and shipping would be on top. Wow, that is too pricey for me.
  14. Went at lunch today and found that the EVO is $2.10/can and the same per can/case so that isn't too bad at all. I bought one large can and got two little sample bags of dry to take home and try.