Q about my 04 bal hardware

  1. on the back side of the hardware (the front would be the pokey out parts....sorry i don't know the proper words!lol) the circle had no rivets in them. It's just completely round all the way. Is that how they did it in '04??

    Also, what do i do with the extra tassels?? is it just if one breaks?

    Thanks :biggrin:

    My DH decided to let me keep my bbag after all (i had it on eBay and was sooo sad) but now i get to keep it. just have to sell one of my LVs instead, but i think it's a good trade! lol the leather is just soooo soft!!!

    can you tell i'm a newbie!? lol;)
  2. I don't understand what you mean about the hardwear LOL, But keep hold of those spare tassels you may not be able to get hold of anymore, You normally use them if the ones on your bag split or break. I'm still waiting for tassels for my Rose 04 from Balenciaga, I just pray I get some, I really need more!
  3. the old hardware ARE round all the way without the cutouts.
  4. Yes the hardware sounds correct for the year. Just out of curiousity - what color & style is it??!?!
  5. lol i'm glad someone understood what i was saying, cause i wasn't even sure if I understood what i was saying! lol

    thank you! now i feel good again! :yahoo:
  6. Yes, the rivets that hold the studs on are completely round and kinda big on '04 bags, they switched over to notched rivets that are smaller sometime during Spring '05 production so the bags come with either type.

    The tassels are very helpful for when the current ones get worn or break.

  7. It's the 04 turquoise first. I got it and then my DH got mad cause i also bought 2 LV's and was gonna make me sell the bbag, but then at the last min he changed his mind saying i could sell the LV. heehee. I'll just end up re-buying the LV later anyways. But, the bbag is rare, so i was sad about having to sell it. Now i'm happy :smile:
  8. See, things like this just makes me thing that balenciaga bags are too delicate to keep!! the leather is soft, yes, but that also means more delicate. It could rip, tear or whatever. :sad: also, i've noticed the lower corners, you know how they have those leather up thingys and then the buckles, well, on my "leather up thingy" the leather is split a tiny bit ( i just noticed it and am soo bumed out) and also there is a small tiny knick on anotehr part of the leather.

    I wonder if i should condition that part??

    maybe i SHOULD sell for something more durable? i don't know.