Q about lunettes du soleil

  1. So I have a minor problem I would like opinions on:

    I have the Faux Semblant Rectangle glasses in Light Tortoise, which i LOVE...they fit my face perfectly and I get lots of comments on them...and that is all good...but I am thinking about getting another pair of LV sunnies...either the Bindis or another pair of the FSRs (in a darker color). I really like the bindis and they look good on me...and they seem like they could become a collectible...

    My Q is:

    should i stick with a shape that i know works on me, a look that i love, or should i get the bindis, even though they arent always practical, but they're different and cool and possibly collectible? The price difference is very little, btw.

  2. Bindis!!! I own them! LOVE THEM!
  3. I like the Bindis (but only on guys lol):yes:
  4. haha, how funny! When I was at the LV at Bal Harbour, one of the female SAs was like..."those are for WOMEN" and i was like "YES I KNOW" *evil eyes* haha.
  5. lol well *I* also think the Alhambra sunnies could be worn by females too, but they're in the men's section on LV's site lol
  6. I think you better get something different this time.

    I don't see the point of owning the same style but different colour.
  7. I would get a shape that works on you.
  8. that's what I was thinking...plus that style just got featured on the men's style.com website...only in blue...but still!
  9. id go for the shape that works best for you, but those bindis will definitely become collectible one day!
  10. I saw that! They're effing cute! Too bad small sunnies look weird on my face. :crybaby:
  11. I want bot the black and pink bindis not the fushia!
    I think I'll get them next month...
  12. I think the bindis are really cool, but they are pretty crazy...and I don't see myself wearing them daily...and for $600, just letting them sit there seems like a waste.
  13. I would get a shape that you will use.
  14. i'd stick to the Faux-Semblant. i have the dark brown w/ Damier FSR and it suits and fits my face perfectly. im thinking of getting another pair. i personally think the Bindis are just too flamboyant.
  15. yeah i agree. now i just have to figure out if i can find the dk. tortoise FSRs or the horn FSRs, or if they are essentially sold out (havent seen any in a while, at the stores). Anyone tried on/seen IRL the "azur" FSRs? Don't know if they would be cool or tacky looking.