Q. about Hermes "pocket" scarves

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  1. I am purchasing a Hermes scarf to mainly wear in my hair. I'm worried that the full size would be too bulky and large and that the pocket size is too small!

    Does anyone have an Hermes pocket scarf? Can you wear it comfortably around your head (like a headband) style? Or is it just long enough to do so?
    Would I be better off going with a full size.

    Advice needed!
  2. Check the Hermes Scarves thread. I think La Vanguardia posted pics of it. I'll post pic of mine as soon as I get it... now only if stops raining...
  3. I have both! ill take pictures tomorrow for you. I have four hermes scarves. One is the pocket, in blue. One is a pleated on in red. One is a blue and green gorgeous one and another is black with gold. If ur not in a rush, I will compare all the sizes for you.
  4. When folded into a headband the pocket square is about 23 inches long. I always wear mine as headbands quite comfortably but they do just fit. (But then I don't have a small head.:shame: ) They are also really cute around pony tails. :biggrin:
  5. I just had to try it on my head after reading your question!

    The pocket squares fit like a perfect head-band. I have an average size head and I can tie it twice at the end with 3cm of corners left at the knot.

    However, I think I'll look much better with a regular size scarf. You can make the head band wider (and place sunglasses over it) and you also get the extra long ends hanging out of your hair and I think it'll be gorgeous.
  6. I agree w/Joanna. I use my full-sized and make a really wide head band and let the ends dangle - a very fun and feminine look!
  7. I have 0 pocket squares...I want one (many) now!!!
  8. I collect them! They're affordable and fun for a ponytail or to tie on bags.
  9. Thank you ladies for your replies. Very informative - and yes i'd love to see any photo's anyone has of their scarves in their hair!

    I'm still debating it.....
  10. Full size is better for your hair...especially if you have lots of hair as I do.
  11. I have full size, pocket square and twilly. The twilly works best as a head band.
  12. maybe the 70x70? it should be a good alternative!
  13. I have a really small head, so the full size scarf doesn't work as a headband on me personally. Pochettes and Twillys work really well as headbands for me. I put a twilly on as a headband today, in fact. I like them because they're fun and cute, and I can even make a little bow in it if I feel "foofy" that day.
  14. I love and use more the pochettes than the regular carre. I find the carre to bulky as well.

    The pocket square is so versatile and fun. You could tie it on your neck, hair, wrist, or bag. You can be creative and fold them like a twilly and tie it around a pony tail. It is like having a mini carre and twilly at the same time. I also like how their designs are taken from a previously issued regular scarf design...you can see at one glance the entire image on a pocket square. They are especially priced where it is affordable to get a particular fave design in different color combinations. Plus, they get the same detail where the hems are hand-stitched like the regular carre. I wished they had pocket squares during H sales.
  15. lol, me too.

    greentea, i'm reading the advice to make a wider headband and i'm thinking, that would cover my whole head and then slip off.:P
    the slippery issue of all the squishy silk is another reason i do like the pochette so much. i'm still comparing and deciding, but the pochette seems like a great staple that can be used different ways, travels easily and isn't too precious or too much work.
    also, i get the sense i'm in the minority here, but i cannot wear a full size silk scarf in the summer. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: it does not feel good and totally does not appeal to me - i use them just in the fall. a pochette is seasonless.