Q about Hermes/NM at Somerset: Detroit and buying my first Picotin

  1. I am saving up for my first Hermes, and I've settled on a Picotin PM. My closest H boutique is at NM in the Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan (Detroit). My question is, since I live roughly four hours away from the mall and a trip to visit is a two day ordeal, will the SA's mail me some sort of catalog/swatch booklet about the bags that are available for order? Also, will they tell me (over the phone) what they have in stock and how much it is? Is this incredibly tacky to call and ask this? I've called there once before about a bracelet and the SA was really nice, but I'm wondering how they'll be about a bigger purchase.

    I really need to know the colors/prices they have for the Picotin so that I know how much to save.

    Also, any color suggestions for the bag? I don't really like black. I love the chartreuse color, but it doesn't go with everything. I'd like a pretty versatile pink or something kind of offbeat... any suggestions would be much appreciated. Sorry for rambling! :shame:
  2. Welcome! Unfortunately, there's no swatch book to send - the Leather Book is guarded closely at most H stores (according to a recent thread, some even deny they exist!) but check out HermesGroupie's Leather Book and the Color/Leather Availability threads and the price reference list:

    Good luck!

    ETA - DUH. Sorry, dumb today. This IS the shopping sub. Just ignore me:rolleyes:
  3. The SA's at NM are fabulous! While they can send you a booklet or swatch, they will most certainly tell you what they have in stock over the phone and will ship anywhere!

    Feel free to call my SA, Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 (her direct dial). SHe is amazing and will work tirelessly to get you exactly what you want. She even takes pictures and emails you the bags so you can see for yourself! As for picotins, I know that they have a few in stock! Definitely call her today!
  4. yay, Jag! See, I told you someone would show up;)
  5. Yay! How exciting! :woohoo: